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Detail from Sir John Soane's Museum Replica of lost window by William Collins, cartooned and painted by Jonathan Cooke 2012

Sir John Soane's Museum
Replica of lost window by William Collins, cartooned and painted by Jonathan Cooke 2012 (detail)

Jonathan Cooke at workJonathan Cooke has been fascinated by the play of light through glass as long as he can remember. As a child, he spent hours contemplating the east window in his local church and wondering how it had been created. Yorkshire born, he served a traditional apprenticeship at York Minster, and became increasingly interested in glass painting.  Starting his own business in 1987, he began to research, explore and experiment with traditional painting techniques which now inform his restoration glass painting and original work alike.

Jonathan Cooke can work with you to design and make new stained and painted glass or to restore and conserve existing stained glass. He is also an accomplished teacher who teaches highly acclaimed stained glass courses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jonathan has been demonstrating his acclaimed multiple layering techniques with essential oils and other media for more than fifteen years. His acknowledged generosity as a teacher has enabled many professional and amateur glass painters to adopt and explore these techniques, which are now being widely promoted commercially. His researches and resultant methods have informed his restoration painting and original work alike throughout his career. Senior members of the stained glass profession often seek his advice on technical matters.

In 2013 his teachings on successful multiple layering were distilled into book form: Time and Temperature was published by Swansea Metropolitan University. He is currently working on a sequel on stains and enamels to complement a course he developed in response to requests, and first offered in 2012.

His book Time and Temperature was published early in 2013.

Jonathan accepts challenging restoration and conservation work and has a long history of working collaboratively on significant projects: he is also commissioned by other studios to undertake new designs and restoration painting and is an Accredited Conservator-Restorer.

Out of the Darkness
Jonathan presented a paper on early Georgian glass in Leeds at the Glassac Conference in Durham in September 2014.

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