Courses 2020

All glass painting courses at Swansea and elsewhere are suitable for anyone, whatever their current skill level.  The stains and enamels course is recommended for those who have first attended Jonathan's glass painting course previously, or back-to-back. 

For over 20 years, Jonathan has worked alongside participants to meet their individual requirements, and his courses receive excellent reviews - read some of them here. His demonstration pieces, some of which are seen here, are highly sought after. Individual tuition at his Yorkshire workshop is possible, as are group workshops from time to time.  


Limited to two people

26-28 - fully booked
29-31 - fully booked

Swansea: University of Wales Trinity & St Davids

Feedback from participants September 2019 

“Really great! I enjoyed every minute and learned so much. Have learned a lot not only about glass painting, but the history, construction of windows in the past and present.”


“I loved the course and Jonathan Cooke and can recommend it highly.”


“Fabulous. Incredibly enjoyable and I feel I have learned so much. Jonathan is a wonderful teacher – his knowledge and expertise are second to none and his enthusiasm and ability to communicate his skills are rich and wonderful.”


“I had an amazing experience on the course. Jonathan was brilliant and the AGC were always available to help. 5 star experience.”

"Dear Jonathan

 I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed the 6 days.  It was a wonderful experience and I feel I have learnt so much, my head is still full of it all.  I feel so inspired to practise and paint and try new things.  You were so interesting to listen to and watch, and it was exceptionally generous of you to allow us all to use your brushes - they must be very precious to you!..."


Swansea September 2017

demonstration piece on float glass 4" x 4"

original design J Cooke                          

sold 2017

 Swansea  September 2017

demonstration piece on float  glass

                                                         sold 2017

 Swansea 2016

demonstration piece  on float glass

(Copy of Rembrandt self portrait)               

sold 2016

Swansea     April 2019

demonstration piece on float  glass 4" x 6 "

based on a Rubens' oil sketch   FOR SALE £95         

Swansea     April 2018
demonstration piece on float  glass "after Brueghel"          
sold at exhibition 2018

Swansea   September 2018

Copy of Rembrandt  Woman bathing in a Stream

demonstrating chiaroscuro on float  glass

6" x 9" sold privately August 2019